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The Corin-series is made in a soft cotton cashmere-mix, perfect for any occasion.
This years Helping Hand goes to WWFs work to save the Baltic Sea. The Helping Hand collection consists of a bracelet and a ring in the shape of a fish.
Read Edblads magazine for our autumncollection 2016.
Ascot boots are handmade in Portugal in 100% leather.
Edblad Lab is a new experimental series within Edblad, working in silver and new techniques.
Learn more about different textiles, such as cotton, wool, bamboo and more.
The Edblad autumn collection is made of exquisite materials; gold, steel, marble and sparkling stones. Find your new favourites here.
The new Elvira series is inspired by antique jewelry pieces from Paris.
We are happy and proud of our stoneware range, Edblad design handmade in Nepal.
Find the latest arrivals of our clothing and interior collection here.
Edblad has the perfect ring for any occasion.
Materia is a series of smooth rings made from hand-selected materials. Materia Kabamba has a unique look and no ring has the same appearance.
Peaks cufflinks feature a sleek and stylish design. They are perfect for any occasion.
Day features a unique colouring which gives the seams and fabric varying hues.
We have developed a series of kitchen products made from bamboo, a non-toxic and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic.
Find our range of kitchen products here.
Zen Coffee Dripper is perfect for brewing your coffee and pouring straight into the Zen cup.
Mae is a narrow, elegant belt made in Italy, 100% leather.
Our series of hand made stoneware from Nepal is now updated with new items.
The beautiful Sunday shirt in cotton with many delicate details, such as a wrinkle textured back and front.
Heart bracelet Multi features six hearts linked together by a pretty, delicate chain.
Find our jewellery collection for men here.
How to care for your Edblad stainless steel jewellery.
The earrings in the serie Sanne are elegant with their teardrop shaped stones.

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