Claudia Galli Concha

Claudia Galli Concha is a well-known face as she works as an actress, film producer and influencer, as well as blogs on Femina. She lives a varied life between Stockholm and Los Angeles, with her husband and two daughters.

Claudia wears Christmas jewellery to enhance her style and varies different jewellery every day. Below she inspires how you can replenish your own collection of jewellery or find the perfect Christmas gift!

"Reading a book is one of my absolute best activities during Christmas" - Claudia Galli Concha

The luxurious and wing-shaped line Fairy features sparkling Swarovski crystals that gild any outfit!

The Perfect Christmas Gifts

For Claudia every piece of jewellery carries memories and a story. She loves to be reminded every time she wears them of other moments she has worn them. This also makes her think jewellery is one of the best Christmas gifts to both receive and give!