3 ways to style your jewellery

Layering has been and continues to be a trendy way to wear jewellery. Mix and match different chains and necklaces to create nice contrasts and a unique look. Mix both steel with 14K gold-plated steel, there are no rules! In our chain range, you will find lots of different chains in different lengths, shapes, thicknesses and styles. Some of the chains you can hang symbols and letters on - others are big and chunky.

1. Texture is key

Mix different types of chains, a thin chain together with a thick one, a braided one with a linked one. With different textures, you let each chain have its own place so that they are visible without taking attention away from each other.

Psst ... as a pre-drop of the autumn collection 2020, we have launched the Berzelii line. The line's necklace combines two different chains with a large cultured freshwater pearl. Layering already made!

2. Length, length, length

Style several thin chains of different lengths! All our chains come in at least two different lengths and we also have extension chains that can be added for desired length. Different lengths of the chains create harmony and a balanced look!

3. Create contrasts with charms

Add a charm, a letter or a symbol that means something to you. Breaking the chains with a symbol makes it more interesting and personal! Our new charms come in several different designs.