Autumn trend - pearls

It was in the early 20th century that freshwater pearls first began to be cultivated and used for jewellery. Edblad has previously only used imitation pearls in its pearl jewellery, but in the summer of 2020 we introduced cultured freshwater pearls for the first time. Imitated pearls are completely round in their shape, while cultured freshwater pearls come in varied shapes, which makes each piece of jewellery unique. The world's cultivation of freshwater pearls is located to Southeast Asia and China and that is where all Edblad's cultivated freshwater pearls origin.

Classic pearls are a favourite of many and the iconic French fashion designer Coco Chanel is perhaps the creator most strongly associated with the timeless jewellery. She began early to style her collections with pearl necklaces in abundance. She was active as early as the 1910s, but it was only after the World War II that Coco Chanel became the style-forming icon she is today. Large jewellery and above all pearl jewellery are still strongly present in the fashion house's collections.

'I love pearls! It's timeless and something that works for EVERYTHING. I also think it's nice to match with chains to modernise the look. From now on I will always wear pearls'
- Wilma Nilsson

Pearls, pearls everywhere! For several seasons, not only the classic Chanel has shown pearls. Pearls are on everyone's lips, everything from classic pearl necklaces and pearl earrings to large asymmetrical freshwater pearls. We can not get enough of pearl jewellery and our new lines Berzelii and Noblesse are timeless lines that contrast the soft pearls with modern details and sculptural forms. Berzelii has chains in a modern design and Noblesse has pearl-shaped parts in steel and matte 14K gold-plated steel.

When it comes to styling of the lines Berzelii and Noblesse, we have noticed how our followers and influencers do it in many different ways - all equally beautiful! Layer-on-layer and layering of pearl necklaces and chains is definitely a recurring combination. Sanna Wester, Lavendel Lelic, Sofia Lindqvist, Wilma Nilsson and Sofie Graw have all picked up the trend and styled it for different outfits. Whether the styling is for a day at work, a party or a relaxed day at home, the mix of pearls and chains is just as nice for all occasions. Don't forget to tag us in your photos where you have styled your Edblad jewellery to inspire us and others in our community!

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