Our year with Plan International Sweden

Sunday, October 11, is International Day of the Girl. Together with Plan International Sweden, we want to highlight girls’ rights. Throughout 2020, Edblad has an ongoing collaboration with Plan international Sweden. We started the year with a wonderful lunch to draw attention to our collaboration.

Education is the future

Throughout this year, we have worked together with Plan International Sweden to support their agenda; Educate every girl. They work on the basis of an agenda of 10 points where all girls' right to education is one of those points.

There are many obstacles in a girl's path to education. One of the well-known obstacles is disasters. In the crisis we are in now with COVID-19, 130 million girls’ risk not returning to school. Together with Plan International Sweden we want to help girls around the world towards a brighter future!

Believe in her

For the collaboration with Plan International Sweden and their work with the Agenda for girls, the necklace 'Believe in her' has been designed. For each necklace sold, 50 SEK goes to Agenda for girls.

A look back: the launch of 2020's Helping Hand project!

Somayeh Cardeijn hosted the lunch, which took place before Covid-19 broke out. She talked about human rights, especially women / girls, based on her own personal journey. Somayeh also shared why she has chosen to get involved and the moments that were the tipping point for her and led to an urge of creating change! The lunch, which lasted long enough to turn into afternoon coffee, aroused thoughts and many discussions, as it does when many committed souls meet and the willingness to help is great.

What we have done so far and what you can do now

Proceeds from this year's Helping Hand jewellery go to the agenda; educate every girl. COVID-19 has meant that 130 million girls are at risk of not returning to school. By buying the necklace Believe In Her, you support Plan International Sweden's agenda with 50 SEK. We have so far raised 105 000 SEK for Plan International's Agenda for girls' right to education. Let it be more and buy our necklace Believe In Her! Read more about this year's Helping Hand project.