To you and your little love

We want to pay tribute to the strong bond that exists between parents and children with our new Barley series. The series is available in sizes that fit both adults and children so that you can match each other!

A dash of love

A piece of jewellery is an excellent accessory to carry with you through life. We hope that this beautiful series can be a reminder in everyday life of the love and bond you as a parent share with your child. That you and your child through the jewellery get a daily dose of love and security by being reminded of each other when you are apart during everyday life. The Barley series is a perfect gift for both of you on Valentine's Day!

Beautiful Barley

The Barley series contains a beautiful voluminous heart on a thin necklace and bracelet, the series also includes studs and earrings. All parts in the series are available in pure steel or with gold plating! The Barley series also includes multi-necklaces, bracelets and large statement pieces, discover the entire Barley series.

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