More of You

SU20 | Accessories

Our Spring collection Hello, You! is now supplemented with summer scarfs and sarongs. Cathrine Edblad's hand-drawn leopard pattern is expanded with new poppy colors to suit lazy days on the beach!

Leopard in a Edblad Interpretation

This spring's Leopard Silk Scarf now comes in two new colors, Pool Blue and Clay. In addition, there is a wonderful summery sarong in modal and cotton. You can tie the sarong around your head, around your body or use on the beach!

Drew Bucket Bag

The Season's statement! A stylish and super practical bag that holds everything you need during the day. Fine details such as perforated material for a sportier expression, a buckle to keep it closed and fine lining with the Edblad logo. A must have!

Joan Crossbody

Joan is the perfect everyday bag that you can vary with our different shoulder straps for a more personal look! The bag is available in three colors; Heather, Light Gray and Black and our festive Coco Strap are available in matching three colors. A match made in heaven!

"More is more. Accentuate more with accessories, straps and bag charms. Our collection is about you. Show the world more of you"

-Cathrine Edblad

Iman Evening Bag

The optimal evening bag that comes with a long snake chain that can easily be folded twice to make it shorter. Or why not wear it like a clutch? The bag's buckle is tied together with our jewellery line Swirl and they are matched nicely together!

Silk Scarfs

Surely there is no more easy-to-use accessory than a scarf? Tie it around your neck, to your bag or in your hair. A fantastic accessory that puts gold on your outfit anytime. For the spring collection, several scarfs in 100% silk have been created in different designs. The classic Leo scarf with hand drawn leopards, Edblad Signature Scarf with logo and Pojagi Silk Scarf in Korean patchwork pattern!