Store your jewellery in style

Tired of necklace tangles, odd earrings and missing rings? Discover our new jewellery storage! We have developed three different storage options that make it easy for you to get an overview and keep track of your jewellery. Find the right storage solution for you and make your everyday life easier!

Store your jewellery effectively

The best thing you can do for your jewellery is to separate them when they are stored. A tip is to invest in a proper jewellery box where each piece of jewellery has a specific compartment. Metals are soft, whether your jewellery is in steel, gold or real silver. Keeping them separate will prevent them from being scratched. If you store them in a jewellery box, they are also protected from moisture and chemicals that can cause oxidation (that causes your jewellery to turn black). We have developed three different jewellery storages, one for the home, one for the trip and one for you who are always on the go. Find the right storage for your specific needs!

For the home - the jewellery box

Our jewellery box is handmade and has a beautiful matt lacquer. The inside is made of soft velvet in a lovely beige shade. The choice of velvet interior came naturally because velvet is the ultimate basis for jewellery storage as the material reduces the risk of scratches. The lower part of the box, which can also be used as a separate tray, allows you to easily pick in and out of your jewellery with a good overview. The upper part contains seven different compartments for bracelets, necklaces and earrings, it also has a practical ring storage. In the lower part there is plenty of space for slightly larger jewellery and watches. The chest is a stylish interior detail as well as it is smart storage.

On the go - Jewellery Roll

If you are often traveling, our Jewellery Roll is perfect for you. It is easy to pack and has a detachable inner compartment for the days you want to travel extra easily. The detachable inner compartment is perfect to pack in your gym bag or work bag!

The inside of the jewellery storage is covered in velvet in a calm sand-coloured tone and the outside is in Saffiano pattern leather imitation. Saffiano is a special technique for treating leather or imitation leather that has been used for a long time in the fashion industry, it is characterized by its beautiful cross-hatched structure. Prada was the first user of the technology and it can be seen on their first bags from the beginning of the 20th century!

For the trip - Jewellery Travel Case

Discover our Jewellery Travel Case, a neat and flexible travel storage where you can easily fit all the jewellery needed during the trip!

The jewellery storage contains five compartments for earrings, larger rings or necklaces, a section with grooves that is perfect for rings and smaller earrings and in the lid you will find a pocket for extra storage of slightly larger jewellery. The interior is upholstered in velvet in a calm sand-coloured tone and the cover is in Saffiano pattern leather imitation.

Want to know more about how to best care for your jewellery? Read our care instructions for jewellery here.