Turn it up

This years winter collection is a development of the autums tribute to our dreams. For the winter, the volume of both the dreams and the party atmosphere is turned up. With an organic feel with soft, sweeping lines and a large portion of luxury, this winter's jewellery is offering abstract shapes and different structures.

Among the elements in the winter collection, which is consistently soft in its expression, there are, in addition to interesting links, also so-called pavé details. This technique with stones that are carefully placed by hand, is a design language inspired by hip hop culture, where stones and huge chains are an important element.

In terms of material, in addition to our main and classic steel, you will also find several recycled materials in the form of large stones in recycled glass, recycled brass and plenty of cubic zirconia stones "sprinkled" over parts of the collection.


The line Aria is taking the chunky chain trend to the next level in a super chunky chain that really makes an impression. Aria is made of recycled brass with 14K gold plating. The softer character of the brass makes it possible to decorate the jewellery with pavé details. The chain also comes with a larger pair of earrings and a statement ring.


Sonata is an exciting play on structures in a guaranteed eyecatcher for all holiday parties. This is probably a lot of bling and party for those who prefer to be a little more toned down, and that is the whole idea of ​​Edlbad's philosophy. There should be something for everyone! The line offers a necklace, bracelet, studs and a pair of long earrings and is perfect to style with the line Aria.


Cadena means chain in Spanish and is a modern chunky chain. The oval links are mixed one by one and two by two, giving the jewellery an interesting expression. The chain has e beautiful T-bar lock, so that the necklace can be worn with the lock either in the front and in the back.

Parisian Pearl

This line is inspired by a fantastic earring with a large synthetic pearl enclosed in dramatic sweeping shapes, discovered in a vintage store in Paris. Parisian Pearl is an elegant and chic line with both statement jewellery as well as smaller pieces. The big earrings has clips so that everyone can wear them.


The maximalist feeling in Skyline is associated with a continued interest in the trends and designs of the first decade of the 2000’s. The jewellery are made of both recycled rhodium plated brass and glass. The ombre effect in the stones of glass creates drama and gives them a cool, mysterious glow, and they also change colour depending on what you are wearing underneath.


The Radient line with beautiful baguette-shaped stones in necklaces, earrings and bracelets represents a more classical interpretation of the chain trend and a more toned-down way of wearing "bling". This line contains a necklace, bracelet and a pair of long beautiful earrings.