Build your jewellery wardrobe

We talked to Clara Lycke, Edblad's stylish product developer, about the ultimate jewellery wardrobe. What should it contain and how should you think when building it? Keep scrolling to hear Clara's thoughts and tips.

What are good cornerstones in a jewellery collection?

The most important thing is that you start from your own needs when building your jewellery wardrobe. It is not a good idea to buy large statement earrings if they are never used. But when it comes to jewellery, there are a number of pieces that work through all seasons and for most wardrobes. Simple studs, hoops , a everyday necklace that goes with everything and stackable rings are good cornerstones. A personal favorite from Edblad's spring collection is the ring Glow Multi Ring, it is also stackable which I like!

Your jewellery wardrobe is completely empty; what would you buy first?

I would start by thinking about the type of jewellery I use the most and start there. For me it´s earrings, especially gold earrings.

If we generalize and I for some reasons only can buy one single piece of jewellery, which should I choose ?

A classic everyday necklace. The series Monaco has long been a favourite with for many but personally I prefer the new series Zinnia, which is similar to Monaco but has a bit more of an edge.

What does the jewellery wardrobe of your dreams look like?

It is stylish, timeless and most parts can be matched with each other.

Silver or gold, how do I choose?

You absolutely do not have to choose, it's nice to mix! This spring we have released a line called Aralia where the rings are so nice to mix! But if you prefer gold-colored jewellery, you should of course choose that. But breaking a full gold look off with a piece of jewellery in pure steel creates a nice contrast.

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