Let curiosity lead

The spring collection is a tribute to courage. A courage that can express itself in different ways, that makes us dare to trust ourselves and our instincts and step out into the unknown.

The inspiration for the spring collection is taken from the 1960s, an era when personal expression was given free rein. Large, playful shapes combine with elements from nature and winks to both childhood memories.

60's influences, chunky chains, maximalistic shapes and sparkling stones

The style in the spring and summer collection is bold and maximalist, as an expression of our continued need to dress up and be seen following the pandemic. There is also a strong sense of permanence in the form of significant jewellery that tells a story or is linked to a specific memory.


The pieces in this series symbolize the strength and courage of a heart in love. A sculptural, beating heart, in a design inspired by a tumultuous story of a spontaneous meeting where the characters are faced with a life-changing decision.

Evangeli Sparkle

A stylized series with recycled brass and stones that deals with materiality. Stern but with inherent movement. Evangeli is a play with light, because anything can happen when sparkling stones are involved. And when they aren't.


The muse for this series was the sixties It-girl with short hair, bold make-up and short skirts. Boyd offers impressively voluminous yet surprisingly light statement pieces that mix different colours with metal.


In Stream, the hard metal moves softly and creates a feeling of spontaneity. This dynamic series of movements is related to our Heartbeats series. A beautiful pulse-like shape, mirroring the soft curves of the heart and it’s beats, almost like a cardiogram.


The graphic expressions of our party series Radiant are taken from the Bond girls of the sixties and led us to the coolest Bond girl of them all, Grace Jones. The long rows of rhinestones and baguette stones are just like her – elegant and edgy at the same time!


Signet Heart Ring and Enamel Hoops represent the big trend Kidult. The key materials, in addition to our traditional steel, recycled brass and enamel. You will find heart shaped jewellery, playful and personalized charms and signet rings with colourful enamel.