Hello, You!

SS20 | Accessories

Among the collection's accessories there are many exciting new arrivals in the spring's color range of pastels and poppy cutouts. Many of the bags have interchangeable shoulder straps so you can easily mix and match as you like and create a unique look. Most of the names have come from famous women in Hollywood who were ahead of their time and inspired the this spring collection!

Drew Bucket Bag

The Season's statement! A stylish and super practical bag that holds everything you need during the day. Fine details such as perforated material for a sportier expression, a buckle to keep it closed and fine lining with the Edblad logo. A must have!

Joan Crossbody

Joan is the perfect everyday bag that you can vary with our different shoulder straps for a more personal look! The bag is available in three colors; Heather, Light Gray and Black and our festive Coco Strap are available in matching three colors. A match made in heaven!

"More is more. Accentuate more with accessories, straps and bag charms. Our collection is about you. Show the world more of you"

-Cathrine Edblad

Iman Evening Bag

The optimal evening bag that comes with a long snake chain that can easily be folded twice to make it shorter. Or why not wear it like a clutch? The bag's buckle is tied together with our jewellery line Swirl and they are matched nicely together!

Silk Scarfs

Surely there is no more easy-to-use accessory than a scarf? Tie it around your neck, to your bag or in your hair. A fantastic accessory that puts gold on your outfit anytime. For the spring collection, several scarfs in 100% silk have been created in different designs. The classic Leo scarf with hand drawn leopards, Edblad Signature Scarf with logo and Pojagi Silk Scarf in Korean patchwork pattern!