A dream come true

Are you going to get married or be a bridesmaid soon? On this page we have collected different styles of jewellery to suit the bride as well as bridesmaids, or maybe something to wish for as a morning gift?

Time to shine

Do you like sparkling jewellery and want to complement your look with some sparkles? Then our new jewellery in the Glow line with lovely pastels is a good alternative - just bling and some colour. Our new line Diana is also available with coloured stones as well as with clear. Then there is our neat classic Crown with one stone or if you want to maximize with the spring collection line Limelight which has several!

Perfect Pearls

Classic pearls can never go wrong. We have several lines with pearls in our Classic range such as Lilian, Luna and Lovisa. Then we have just introduced freshwater pearls in the Perla line which includes earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces in both steel and gold-plated steel, all of which are nice to wear together!

Letter + Love = True

A nice and personal morning gift is to combine a letter necklace from our line Letters or our letter charms with a necklace from the line Love. Or do you prefer love as a symbol? Then lovingly combine with a heart necklace such as Pure Heart Necklace. All to show the love of the person you are sharing it with!

Stylish Shapes

With its minimalist and stripped down design, our classic Pebble is a favorite of many bridesmaids. Nice to wear in set with the necklace, ring and earrings for a complete look. A stylish morning gift is our Edblad Signature Bangle, a statement bracelet that combines glossy and stainless steel with 14K gold-plated steel.