A season of fun

Summer is almost here! Let's celebrate with a beautiful new collection! The theme for this summers collection is "A season of fun". This season dominates by things that evokes feelings and focus on positive symbols, pearls and natural stones which of some is said to possess healing effects.

Precis som vårens kollektion kännetecknas sommarkollektionen av en avskalad känsla, skulpturala och organiska former och mjuka texturer. Ett av säsongens viktigaste material är återigen naturstenar som vi fick en introduktion till redan under våren, nu kommer ännu fler färger och varianter.

Positive symbols, colourful pearls and healing stones

This summers collection is focusing on positive symbols and natural stones that are said to have healing effects. Among our news you will find an auspicious four-leaf clover, a beautiful hummingbird, natural stones in different colours and shapes and much more.

We have been working a lot with colours, soft textures, with pearls and stones of different kinds. The summer collection is offering new products that enable for you to play and explore your own jewellery to a greater extent than before. Our new jewellery makes it possible to combine, personalize and create something unique.


The idea as well as the name for the line Paisley comes from the classical paisley pattern. The soft shapes are to be found in necklaces, earrings and rings in different models. Go for the statement earrings for the party and the smaller model for everyday use. Do you like mixing metals as much as we do? Our best styling tip is to stack one ring of each metal on top of each other for a personal look.

Chrystals and natural stones

This season is offering natural stones in different colours and shapes. We introduced the natural stones for the first time this spring and now you will find birthstones as well among our news!

The line Leonore has been with us for a while and now we present it in a new appearance - a multi style with small beautiful Chrystals in different colours. Leonore Multi is a Limited Edition Line and is only found in our own stores and online.

Collier Pearls

Pearls are something we will see a lot of this season and particularly the ones in colour. Collier Pearl is a line with small beautiful freshwater pearls. One of our news that is extra fun to present is our selection of anklets that is bigger than ever in this seasons collection. You will find one of them in the line Collier Pearl.


Beautifully shining with the shape of an oyster is our elegant line Oyster. With big earrings in different model and a long beautiful chain you will have a clean and elegant look ready in no time.

Hummingbird och Lucky

Symbols of different kinds really have the ability to make your jewellery personal and we are happy to present a new symbol - Hummingbird. The cute hummingbird is a nice addition in our assortment and perfect if you love positive symbols just like us.

Carry a little extra luck with you with the beautiful four-leaf clover Lucky around, your neck, wrist our in your ears. You can also put the Lucky charm on your favourite chain.


Summer season means anklets! The summer collection is filled with different anklets with pearls and auspicious symbols. The chain Rope that made a success during the spring both as necklace and bracelet is now also available to put around your ankle.