Contest conditions

Oh, hello! How nice you want to compete with us. By participating in the competition you agree to the terms and conditions below.

How winners are selected

A jury consisting of Edblad's marketing department, designates winners. Winners will be contacted via Instagram when the competition has ended.

The Prize

The prize cannot be exchanged for cash. Any profit tax is paid by the winners.

Use of personal data

When participating in the competition, consent is given to registration of names and necessary contact information. The information you provide in connection with the competition will only be available to Edblad as the person responsible for the competition.

Contact information will only be used for contact in connection with the competition and will be deleted when the competition is completed. All personal data provided is handled securely according to GDPR. Read more about our privacy policy here.

Other information

Edblad is not responsible for any printing errors. In case of suspicion of cheating, Edblad has the right to exclude participants. Employees at Edblad are not allowed to participate in the competition. Instagram is in no way involved in the competition - neither in the form of administration, sponsorship or any other way. Edblad has the right to adjust the rules and conditions for the competition if necessary.

Questions regarding the competition are referred to Edblad's Instagram @edbladofficial