Dainty Silver Collection

EDBLAD Designstudio is now launching more news in our luxurious Dainty Silver Collection! In Dainty we have put the focus on the design and craft in every single jewellery. The latest collection contains two new lines.


The inspiration for Sierra comes from a scrunchie - a hair accessory in velvet. Sierra captures both the asymmetrical folds and the luster of the velvet in an elegant and stylish design. Wear the beautiful bangle with the statement ring together with the earrings in a smaller or bigger model.


Talea is a neat chain with linked rods - wear it alone or combine it with other necklaces. This is the perfect necklace for layering! Style it together with the bracelet in the same line.

Do you want to make a nice layering? The you should go for some of our other necklaces in sterling silver like Dazzle, Anchor Chain or Lush.

Perzonalized gifts

Now you are going to be able to personalize your jewellery and gifts even more. Among our silver jewellery you will find both charms and chains that you can combine as you please, chose from three shapes and three chains in two different lengths. The best of all? At Götgatan in Stockholm you will be able to engrave your charms to make them personal and unique! Very soon we will also offer engravings online.

Luxurious Luxe

Magically beautiful rings and earrings in real silver with loads of crystals – it won’t get any more luxiorious than Luxe! The ring in the bigger model is true statement at its best and will not go unrecognized.

In the silver collection you will find both statement pieces, neat chains and engravable charms. A silver jewellery is the perfect piece to make your jewellery wardrobe more luxurious, or if you want to give someone that little extra special gift. All silver jewellery will be delivered in a beautiful gift box. Dainty is the line for the ones who really appreciate design and we hope you will like it as much as we do.

Dreaming of Dainty

Did you know that silver is quite a soft kind of metal? That makes it possible for our design team to create amazing shapes for our jewellery. In the collection Dainty the team had the possibility to design some really beautiful ideas and we are so proud of the result. Dainty offers lines with earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. You will find rings with stones and easy to wear pieces like hoops and creoles, but also personally jewellery like engravable charms. All the jewellery in the collection is made of sterling silver and is marked with 925.

A craft like Currents

Currents is a line with a stiff bracelet, earrings and a ring in silver. The design team has found the inspiration in the movements of the sea, big streams and ripples on the water surface. Currents is a perfect example of the possibilities you get from silver when it comes to design. We have created a real piece of craft with both interesting surfaces and new shapes. Even though the design is stiff, silver is a soft material which makes it possible to adjust both bracelet and ring by carefully squeezing it to preferred size.

"With Currents we show you how the silver makes it possible to create interesting surfaces."

Dazzle in chains

One of our favourites in the silver collection is the beautiful chain Dazzle. The amazing structure of the chain makes it sparkle in the light, which gives a luxiourius feeling. Neat but yet conspicuous, this is the perfect silver chain! The marking 925 stands for Sterling silver and means that the jewellery contains 92,5% silver, the rest is copper. Alla the jewellery are rhodium plated which gives a beautiful surface.

Lovely Lush

Lush reminds you of a tiny tiny flower bud that is just about to unravel in the warming rays of spring. The inspiration comes from the nature when everything starts to bloom. The line Lush contains necklaces, earrings, bracelets and a ring in real silver. Here too we see how the silver allows us to take the design to a new level by creating the most soft and delicate shapes. The simple and neat design makes the jewellery both timeless as well as easy to wear. Do you want a new every day line in silver, Lush is a very nice alternative.