This autumn we have been inspired by the forest, all forms created by nature itself and the animals of the forest. Nature is wilful, timeless and genuine – just as we aim for.

A peak with a twist!

The Peak series is a punk Royal interpretation of mountain peaks and forest vegetation. In the series you will find small pieces of jewellery suitable for everyday life and more daring earrings that lift both the simple white t-shirt and the party dress!




The autumn collection is inspired by the forest's animals and creatures. A rabbit caught in the middle of the movement, heading for new adventures and experiences! An image of what we want the autumn to bring, movement and adventure and new experiences to enjoy - even though we are in the midst of everyday chaos!

Create your own style

Bring life to last year's fall wardrobe with new smart accessories! Small details are what lift an entire outfit. The autumn accessory collection consists of bags that go in tune with nature's beautiful autumnal shades.