Edblad jewellery is made in China, by manufacturers that we have cooperated with for a long time and who have long experience of manufacturing jewellery. We visit the factories regularly and attach great importance to working conditions being good and that the work is carried out in a sustainable way.

All of Edblad’s jewellery - except from Precious, our series in sterling silver - is made from 316L surgical steel and is nickel safe according to the EU’s nickel directive. The jewellery in stainless steel can also come with a plating of 14K gold or rose gold. The stones used in our jewellery are either precious such as aquamarine or synthetic such as Cubic Zirconia.


Stainless steel is a durable material that will remain in good condition for a long period of time. The steel will never blacken and you do not need to polish. Avoid sleeping with your jewellery on and do not expose them to water, perfume, sweat and chemicals, as this can destroy the plating and the stones stronghold. You can clean your jewellery with dish soap and water, but be gentle with the stones/pearls and do not wash them too often.