How to layer with jewellery

3 tips for the perfect look

Mix and match different chains to create texture and a well-balanced look. Mix both steel and 14k gold-plated steel, there are no rules! We have updated our range of chains with lots of different chains in different lengths, shapes, thicknesses and looks. It’s possible to attach symbols and letters on some of our new chains to make it more personal! Others are big and chunky, perfect for the simple t-shirt.

1. Work with textures

Mix and match different types of chains - a thin chain together with a thick one, a braided chain combined with a linked chain! With different textures you let each chain get its own space so that they are visible without stealing attention from each other.

Texture is key

2. Length, length, length!

Style with different lengths on the chains! All our chains come in at least two different lengths, we also have extension chains that can be attached. Different lengths of the chains create harmony and a well-balanced look.

Vary the length for a balanced look

3. Create contrast with a charm!

Attach a charm, letter or symbol that means something to you. Create a contrast with a symbol to makes it more interesting and personal! Our new charms come in several different sizes and they fit perfectly on many of our new chains!

Create contrast with a charm!

Play with layers

Gisella Francisca is a talented stylist and makeup artist! We asked her about Layering and how she likes to style her jewelry, the result is a fantastic video! Click on the link to see her styling!

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