Our responsibility

From the very beginning, Hans and Cathrine Edblad wanted to build a responsible, environmentally conscious and ethically correct company with sustainable products. Taking their social responsibility and giving back by supporting various aid organizations has also been the focus, and today these projects go by the well-known name Helping Hand. As an employer in Sweden with over 70 employees, Edblad complies with the Working Environment Act and the laws that exist in labor law, Edblad is collectively affiliated to the Retail Trade Agreement. To ensure that the manufacturers of our products meet our social and environmental requirements, our suppliers have been carefully selected and all have signed our Code of Conduct and REACH requirements.

Code of Conduct

In addition to the national laws that exist in countries where Edblad's manufacturing takes place, all our suppliers have signed our Code of Conduct. It is a code of conduct that describes what responsibility we take regarding our production and that we protect people and the environment in the manufacture of our products. Our Code of Conduct includes, among other things, zero tolerance of child labor, rules regarding employee safety, rights, working conditions and requirements that environmental protection laws in the production country are complied with. There is a continuous review by third parties to certify that our requirements are being met.

REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006

All Edblad's suppliers have signed our list of prohibited chemical substances and thus certify that the products are approved in accordance with REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006. REACH is a European legislation that sets and regulates the use of chemicals. Read more about REACH >>

Helping Hand

Helping Hand is Edblad's community project where we design a piece of jewellery for the benefit of a charity every year. Over the years, we have donated almost SEK 3 million to various charities through selected projects. Read more about Helping Hand >>


We collaborate with partners such as Postnord, Ups and DHL, all of which follow strict environmental requirements. We are currently working to evaluate our transport to and from suppliers, customers, dealers with the ambition to make a further difference.

Regarding our e-commerce, edblad.com, we have developed several different sizes of packaging with the aim of choosing the smallest possible packaging for each order. We have our central warehouse in Sweden, which also has the largest proportion of our customers, which enables shorter transport distances and less environmental impact.