Anna Kubel

Anna Kubel is a photographer and stylist based north of Stockholm. From her farm we can follow Anna's life which is surrounded by family, animals and nature. With her unique style, she creates dreamy content for her social channels.

In connection with the launch of the summer collection 2020, Anna has styled our Venice line in her own unique way. Together with her daughters Hollie and Bianca, she matches the Venice Heart Necklace and the Venice Heart Bracelet. In the line there are also has charms with cherries, lightning, heart and love that are nice to attach to chains from our Charmentity line.

'Venice is the magical mother & daughter line that includes bracelets, necklaces and earrings. I'm in love with the pretty little necklace and Hollie and Bianca as well.'

Anna Kubel

Venice for children

Our playful line Venice with enamel charms is also available for children. Nice to match for Mother's Day but also a good tip when you want to give jewellery to the little ones!