Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day Gift

Mother's Day is the day of the year when we give extra attention to our wonderful mothers. Our Mother's Day tips and jewellery are perfect for surprising your mom on her day. Choose from jewellery such as bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings in various designs. We have jewellery that your mom will always look forward to wearing and that reflects her fantastic character.

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

The feeling you want to convey to your mom on Mother's Day is care and appreciation. A Mother's Day gift should be personal and something you know your mom needs or would like. Spoil her with gifts from Edblad. At Edblad, you'll find great gift ideas in various price ranges.

To make your Mother's Day gift more personal, you can buy a chain and add a charm, perhaps with a letter symbolising her name or her children's names, i.e., you who are giving the gift. Or spoil her with that beautiful bracelet with freshwater pearls she's been eyeing for so long.

Not Always Expected but Much Appreciated

Not everyone gives a gift for Mother's Day, so your mom will be even happier if you actually bring home a gift dedicated to her motherhood. Also, remember that a Mother's Day gift doesn't only have to be for your mom; it can also be for a woman you see as a role model or who is a mother figure for you.

Nickel-Free Jewellery with Swedish Design

Jewellery from Edblad contains neither nickel nor other allergenic substances. So, if your mom has sensitive skin, she need not worry. Our jewellery is made of steel or real silver and is also available with gold plating. You can also choose rose gold jewellery if you know that's what your mom prefers.

Edblad's jewellery collections are designed and manufactured in our design studio in Stockholm. The collections are inspired by Swedish and Scandinavian elements, focusing on elegance and timelessness, so that the jewellery can be worn every day, anytime.