Silver necklaces

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Silver Necklaces for Women

We offer a wide range of silver necklaces for women, including those crafted in sterling silver and silver-toned necklaces made of stainless steel. We also have silver pendants that fit perfectly with all our silver-coloured necklaces. We have beautiful letter charms for those who want to create a personalised piece of jewellery and we have necklaces complete with pendants. Mix and match different silver and gold pendants in stainless steel, with or without 14-carat gold plating, or in authentic sterling silver, to achieve a vibrant and unique look. Take a look among all our exquisite pendants to find the right match for your necklace in silver or steel.

Match Silver with Silver

Style your silver necklace with silver rings and silver earrings. A complete look in silver is always a safe bet when you're in doubt. Choose between silver-toned stainless steel and genuine sterling silver. Our silver necklaces and silver-toned necklaces are available in various lengths. Try wearing a short silver necklace with a longer one to create an intriguing look. Many of our necklaces come with accompanying pendants while others are plain silver chains.

Take Care of Your Silver Jewellery

For us, it's important that your jewellery lasts a long time. We've written an extensive guide on how to take care of your silver and steel jewellery. Something that significantly increases the lifespan of jewellery is good storage. We offer safe and stylish storage for your silver jewellery. Find the right storage for your specific needs."