Hello, You!

SS20 | Jewellery

A new decade, a bigger you. Through memories of pastels, pop in our earpods and a large dose of optimism about the future, we have created a collection that lifts and reinforces who you are. Mix, match, have fun. Show the world more of you!


Inspired by the pastels and playful chewing gum and soap bubbles of the 1980s, our Bubbles line has been created in a playful expression. With its asymmetrical shape, it has a modern feel. Perfect for all the festivities of spring!


Inspired by the playful twist that takes shape in soft ice cream, our line Swirl has been created. The shape of Swirl is cast by Cathrine and the parts of the series are found in both smaller and larger pieces to fit in everyday life as well as for a party!

"Fill the new decade with extra joy, more details, happier colors and a double dose of you. Our collection is about you, with extra everything"

-Cathrine Edblad


An updated version of our popular line Lourdes. Now also with a large sparkling cubic zirkonia that gives a punky but elegant expression. A perfect line for layering!


A classic flash in the classic Edblad-style symbolizing energy and celebration. A statement line where the two earrings of different sizes are advantageously styled together for a strong expression. The lines' larger bracelet has an arched flash to fit on the wrist more fittingly. The line is available in steel and with 14K gold plating!