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Favourites from the summer sale

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Summer sale
  1. Linnea Bracelet Matt Gold
    Linnea Bracelet Matt Gold
    Special Price $27.50 Regular Price $55.00
  2. Table Cloth Natural White
    Table Cloth Natural White
    Special Price $55.50 Regular Price $111.00
  3. Lea Flower Necklace cz
    Lea Flower Necklace cz
    Special Price $13.20 Regular Price $44.00
  4. Eltanin Ring Shiny Silver
    Eltanin Ring Shiny Silver
    Special Price $9.90 Regular Price $33.00
  5. Acamar Bracelet Shiny Silver
    Acamar Bracelet Shiny Silver
    Special Price $11.70 Regular Price $39.00
  6. Yoga Bracelet Rose Gold
    Yoga Bracelet Rose Gold
    Special Price $11.00 Regular Price $22.00

Everyday Luxury

Edblad is a Swedish brand with designs for both yourself and your home. Our mission is to provide everyday luxury to our customers and our vision is to contribute to make the world a more beautiful place! Beauty in our products but also in making consious and sustainable choices as well as supporting charitable organizations. We want to make a difference!

Edblad story

Helping Hand

Every year we design jewellery for a number of charitable organizations - Helping hand

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Edblad in Gåsvik

Welcome to Edblad in Gåsvik, a unique destination in Roslagen with a store, outlet and restaurant.

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