Everyday Luxury

Edblad is a Swedish brand with design for both yourself and your home. Everyday luxury is our brand promise and it's our ambition to make the world a more beautiful place! Beauty in design but also in making conscious and sustainable choices as well as supporting charitable organizations, with a specific focus on vulnerable children and the environment.

Edblad Story

Edblad was founded in 2006 by designers Hans and Cathrine Edblad and has undergone an amazing journey since. The brand has grown from its first small shop in Grisslehamn with only a handful of employees to a successful company with over 800 distributors in more than 10 countries, 15 boutiques and over 80 employees. Today, Cathrine runs the company, acting as both partner and chief designer. Cathrine has been recognized for her entrepreneurial spirit, winning EY’s prestigious female rising star nomination for the Entrepreneur of the Year category in 2015.  

Edblad in Gåsvik

In the little village of Gåsvik, located next to the Väddö canal in Roslagen, you will find the heart of Edblad. A restaurant, outlet boutique, as well as a warehouse and headquarters can be found here. Outside there is an adventurous playground in the forest, large greenhouse and beautiful surroundings. The kitchen and bakery place great emphasis on local produce and prepare all foods from scratch. At Edblad in Gåsvik there are number of exciting activities for visitors of all ages, all year round. 

Here you can find out more about Edblad in Gåsvik.

- Jewellery -

Our nickel safe jewellery made of steel is the very foundation on which we stand. It has become synonymous with the Edblad brand and has grown the company. The unique design has also become an easily identifiable trademark of which we are very proud. All pieces are manufactured in the same factory in China. Edblad staff frequently visit the factory and we have also welcomed workers from the premises to Sweden.

- Fashion -

Our clothing collection draws on slow fashion; good quality staple pieces that are easy to combine and offer a timeless design, but often with unique details. We place great care on where and how our clothes are made.

- Living -

Our interior design pieces are also based on these conscious choices. We frequently collaborate with local producers who work in a sustainable manner, for example with artisans in Nepal who throw our Zen porcelain by hand per old craftsmanship that has been passed down from generations. Our Mango cutting boards from Nepal are made from dead trees and our Luma lamps are produced at Bro glassworks from recycled television and computer screens. Almost all products have their own unique and incredible story.