Edblad Classics

News in the Classic Family!

Discover all newcomers in the Classic family! Amongst our classics you’ll find timeless pieces with that iconic Edblad design.

The Circle series with the classic Edblad circle in steel and 14 carat gold plated steel, Glow Heart with clear stones and the Pebble Mini are some of the popular series we now call Edblad Classics. Take a look below and find a new favourite!

Forever Classics
Älskade favoriter!

Edblad Classics is a jewellery series that is available in our range all year round!

They are loved for their classy, simple design that never gets outdated.

Are you in a gift buying kind of mode? In that case – our classic jewellery is the best go to gifts. Their classic design holds over time and are appreciated by many regardless of age.

Take a look below to discover some favourites from the Classic series!