Edblad & Co AB 556675-6309 is a company which designs, produces and markets clothes, interior design and jewellery through resellers and its own website. To shop with us you must be of legal age (18 years). We limit our responsibility to errors in the product information. A fulfilled purchase means that you have agreed to our terms and conditions, and that you consent to your name and address being registered on our website.


You are welcome to order products on our website. If you encounter any problems or have any questions please contact us by email and we will be glad to assist you. An internet order is fulfilled when you have received a confirmation email from us. We cannot guarantee delivery of all products ordered, but should this be the case we will be in touch to arrange collection or reimburse the full payment


All prices on the website are in Swedish crowns (SEK) inclusive of VAT (25%). We claim our right to change prices without prior notice.

Taxes and fees

Edblad is a Swedish brand. When buying products in our online store for delivery to non-EU countries, local taxes and fees may apply. These fees are to be paid by the buyer.