Spring collection SS18

Edblad Spring/Summer Collection 2018 - The Ripple Effect

Just like a single drop of water can create ripples on a surface, our actions, our consumption and our choices have an effect.

As beings, we can control the types of rings we want to spread, as these will in turn welcome new occurrences.

Jewellery SS18

The SS18 jewellery collection has been inspired by the nature and the environment around us. Drops of water, leaves, shells and the little starfish are shapes and patterns that all allude to the surrounding nature.

Summer News


SS18 interior news arrives continuously during the spring. Our nice Baking Bowl in two sizes is one them. Use it for a delicious salad or as a baking dish, regardless of whether it will decorate its place in your kitchen.

New in


This Spring's clothing collection contains both Edblad classics and brand new styles.

The clothes arrives continuously during the season so keep an eye on our news

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