The power of Me

We believe the #Metoo movement has affected many of us during the last six months. It hit us with an overwhelming force, perhaps because this subject has been trivialized and disparaged for too long.

We have been inspired by this movement , the powerful testimonies and all of the brave women who have shared them with the world.

The series ‘Me’ celebrates the courage and power that this movement represents.

It is a statement collection with the intention of empowering women, raising awareness and showing empathy for others.

We celebrate the power of women - the power of Me!

Much can be said about this piece and what it means to us. Yet what it means to you is what is of real significance . How it makes you feel when wearing it and what you wish for the piece to convey.

Together we can make a difference - but it all starts with you. That’s the power of Me.

An entrepreneur who inspires

Cathrine Edblad is Head of Design and Creative Director at Edblad. It was also she, who together with her then husband founded the company for nearly 12 years ago.

Cathrine is a true entrepreneur who is not afraid to try new things . ‘Learning by doing' is part of Edblad’s success story . Cathrine has been recognized for her entrepreneurial spirit, winning EY’s prestigious female rising star nomination for the Entrepreneur of the Year category in 2015

Cathrine's story is a source of inspiration for us all.

The ripple effect

The theme for the Spring Collection 2018 is The Ripple Effect. Just like a single drop of water can create ripples on a surface, our actions, our consumption and our choices have an effect.

As beings, we can control the types of rings we want to spread, as these will in turn welcome new occurrences.

Edblad SS18