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Helping Hand is Edblad's work of charity. Every year we design jewellery for a number of charitable organizations. You can recognize these products by the Helping Hand-logo in black. By purchasing jewellery from these series, you contribute to the work of charity. Below you find more information about the organizations we cooperate with right now. Help us to help. 

Results - so far

AW17/SS18: The serie "Fauna" for Swedish Society for Nature Conservation: 60 050 kr so far (running)

SS17/AW17: The serie "Together" for together1heart: 632 000 SEK so far (running)

AW16/SS17: The serie "Baltic" for WWF Sweden – Save the Baltic Sea 167 000 SEK

AW15/SS16: The serie "Horn" for AiDucatius – Education in Nzega: 80 000 SEK

SS15/AW15: Friendship bracelets, handmade by women in Nepal, for The Red Cross in Nepal: 88 000 SEK

AW14/SS15: The serie "Play" for AiDucatius – Water to Schools in Nzega: 355 500 SEK

SS14/AW14: The serie "Bee" for The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation: 230 650 SEK

AW13/SS14: The serie "SOS Village" for SOS Children's villages in Cambodia: 151 650 SEK

SS13/AW13: "Blue chair" for Barncancerfonden: 27 030 SEK

Together we can make a difference. Help us to help!

Helping Hand - Keep Sweden Tidy

If we don’t do something, by 2050 the sea will contain more plastic than fish. Help us to support the organisation Keep Sweden Tidy and their ocean projects.

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Helping Hand - Swedish Society for Nature Conservation

We are keen to support SSNC’s work on sustainable development and healthy ecosystems.

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Helping Hand - together1heart

A nonprofit organization committed to increase the impact on the lives of girls who are victims of sexual trafficking and violence

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