Zest for life

The autumn collection from Edblad’s design studio for 2023 is a tribute to the joy of life. After a few years of collections inspired by historical individuals and eras, the autumn collection has its roots in the present and draws inspiration from the world around us.

Playful design, rounded shapes and creative structures

The autumn collection is infused with a sense of permanence and quality in the choice of materials. You will find jewellery of stainless steel, which is our signature material, as well as recycled brass, but also in the design, with jewellery that can live over time and enjoyed by many. The style is playful and clean with a lot of attitude and joy in the compositions and lets the jewellery speak its own language.

Key materials this autumn are pearls, rhinestones and hard stones. Among the elements are several voluminous rounded shapes. The autumn collection also includes a number of pieces of jewellery with beautiful T-locks that become part of the design like in the Ample series, sparkling pavé effects like in the relaunched favourite Redondo sparkle


The Bead series is dominated by a spherical shape in metal. The smaller pieces are accompanied by larger spheres with a modernist expression for those looking for uncomplicated statement jewellery, or the season's only long multi necklace.


The maximalist pearl of the Globe series turns into something bold and unexpected in the slightly larger parts of the series. The necklace's adjustable clasp is both a beautiful detail in itself and allows you adjust the length to your liking. Perfect to style with other beads and chains.

Redondo Sparkle

Here is the favourite Redondo, made of recycled brass and studded with Cubic Zirconia stones set by hand. The series signals optimism and has a maximalist expression and a sense of luxury, in both the shape and the sparkling pavé setting.


The name Ample means 'abundant' and suits this maxi chain which comes as both a necklace and a bracelet with a well-proportioned T-clasp as part of the design. Maxi chains are still a strong trend and an important element for autumn.


The softly rounded rope structure in the Linea series is one of the more obvious of the season, with beautiful shapes for every day. The creoles hug the ear lobe in a nice way and can be styled together with the ear cuffs of the series, to follow the ear deco trend.


The name Triumph felt fitting for a range with an equestrian theme and a horseshoe shape said to bring good luck. You decide whether it should be worn with the ends facing upwards so that the luck doesn't trickle out, or the other way around so that luck can fall out on you instead!