Nicole Falciani

Nicole Falciani is one of Sweden's leading influencers and has been blogging for over 10 years. She previously had her own tv show on Swedish public service television, has written a collection of poems and became one of the bloggers at Swedish ELLE earlier this year.

Christmas Eve is approaching with leaps and bounds, and who doesn't love getting gifts of jewellery from Edblad? Nicole Falciani dreams about christmas and advices what she will give to her mother, sister and friends.

"Edblad has a lot of nice and minimalistic jewellery, if you want to wear something discreet that is still good looking."

- Nicole Falciani

"Perfect earrings to give away to someone who loves to maximize their jewellery look."

- Nicole Falciani

For all Winter's parties!

Splurge with our chunky chain Bond. Style it with the neater Crown necklace in 14K gold-plated steel to create a nice contrast. Another tip is to tie the chains together at the neck for the desired length!

"Since I often wear all-black outfits during fall, I like to cut off with some other color. Therefore, this round bag in bordeaux is perfect."

- Nicole Falciani

"The days when I stay at home and go into the 100% relaxed look I always wear smaller and discreet earrings, preferably together with a matching necklace."

-Nicole Falciani