Style your scarf

Spice up your outfits with a scarf, a small detail that makes a big difference! In this spring's collection there are scarfs with hand-drawn Pojagi and leopard patterns by Cathrine Edblad, as well as an Edblad logo scarf that we have chosen to call Signature Silk Scarf.

The hair bow

An easy way to spice up the slightly too ordinary ponytail is spelled scarf. Tie the scarf around the ponytail so that the hair tie is concealed and allow the scarf to fall along the hair.

The knot

Get the basic knot ready for a party! Fold the scarf thinly and wrap it two laps around the knot, then finish by tying it together. Attach the scarf with hairpins so it stays in place all night long.

The head scarf

Fold the scarf diagonally, place it on your head and then tie it under your chin. Pull the head up to the desired location. Possibly attach with hairpins to secure.