The Swedish ELLE-awards 2020

On January 17, 2020, it was the ELLE gala at the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm - Sweden's biggest fashion party! For the second year in a row, Edblad was a proud sponsor of the event. Of course, we attended the party and showcased our new collection! Already on the pink carpet we met many of our Edblad Icons; Margaux Dietz, Nicole Falciani and Frida Fahrman. In the mingle, we were also able to track down other Edblad fans who wore our jewellery this evening.

With a lot of energy and in his unique way, Kakan Hermansson then led the gala that exceeded everyone's expectations. Great runway shows, awards for great performances and last but not least - a wonderful party!

ELLEs favourites

As part of our collaboration with ELLE, their fashion editorial team with Cia Jansson at the forefront has chosen their favourites from our SS20 collection - the season's most beautiful jewellery and accessories!

Sparkling Rhinestones and Pacific waves

The 80's favorite rhinestone makes a big-scale comeback in the Limelight line, and dreams of waves rolling into California's beaches have inspired the Malibu line. The classic leo scarf is perfect for a day at the pool or as a stylish accessory to the party!