The Swedish ELLE-awards 2020

On January 17, 2020, it was the ELLE gala at the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm - Sweden's biggest fashion party! For the second year in a row, Edblad was a proud sponsor of the event. Of course, we attended the party and showcased our new collection! Already on the pink carpet we met many of our Edblad Icons; Margaux Dietz, Nicole Falciani and Frida Fahrman. In the mingle, we were also able to track down other Edblad fans who wore our jewellery this evening.

With a lot of energy and in his unique way, Kakan Hermansson then led the gala that exceeded everyone's expectations. Great runway shows, awards for great performances and last but not least - a wonderful party!

ELLEs favourites

As part of our collaboration with ELLE, their fashion editorial team with Cia Jansson at the forefront has chosen their favourites from our SS20 collection - the season's most beautiful jewellery and accessories!

Is there anything that takes us back to childhood more than chewing gum and soap bubbles? With our new Bubbles line, we want you to dream your way to the bubbly and playful 80s and let your imagination flow!

Sparkling Rhinestones and Pacific waves

The 80's favorite rhinestone makes a big-scale comeback in the Limelight line, and dreams of waves rolling into California's beaches have inspired the Malibu line. The classic leo scarf is perfect for a day at the pool or as a stylish accessory to the party!

Swirling elegance with Swirl! Inspired by the lovely shape of soft ice cream, the line features large statement jewellery for partying as well as smaller variations for everyday life. The symbol can also be found on the Iman Evening Bag, which is styled nicely together!