Follow your dreams

To this years autumn collection, EDBLAD Designstudio, among other things, taken inspiration from the art movement Dada. The result is a series of jewellery that flows and wrinkles against the skin and a feeling of wanting to extend the summer as long as possible.

Stylistically, the autumn collection is soft to give a feeling of landing before returning to work, while having one foot left in the late summer's relaxed festivities. The collection has the character of something dreamy and a feeling that it is ok to play around and wear what you think looks nice.

Among the elements in the autumn collection are large and voluminous shapes, but also crumpled ones, natural pearls, big coloured crystals, sculptural pendants and an update of powerful chains with double links and contrasting textures.

In the collection which is a tribute to our dreams, there are a lot of large earrings and necklaces together with statement rings.


The statement series Pond has an interesting shape that draws some of its inspiration from a vintage chain that the design team found in LA. The beautiful organic shape could stand on its own and also function as a lock. The idea is also that you should be able to wear the piece in different ways, with the large organic shape at the back or front.


This is a reinterpretation of the piece Rupi from a previous collection that was very maxed out and large. Double chains are a very important trend, but here the designstudio has tried to create something more than just a series of rings that link together, in a play with texture and material. The Egal series contains both necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings i two sizes. Another big trend this autumn is rings and earrings with links and that is exactly what we find in Egal.


Halo's powerful chain is soft and hard at the same time, with rectangular links that want to be round, and speak to the circles with which they link together. A classic composition of shapes. The series consist of, among other things, a maxed multi-necklace with a bracelet with matching buckle that makes up a large part of the design. A styling tip is to wear Halo together with a white shirt when you return to the office after the summer to signal that you are "back in business".


This series is maxed out, both when it comes to colour and shape and was inspired by the composition and colour scheme of vintage buttons. With a wonderful little cluster of rocks, a baguette, a square and a drop in two colour schemes with gold, Lapis lazuli that goes in blue and grey and Sepia which goes in brown tones.


The play with lines and dimensions in the Grasse series, inspired by the fantastic artist Sophie Taeuber-Arp, creates a dynamic shape. A very tactile piece of jewellery where the parts are largely arched to create tension. You find a necklace, bracelet and earrings in the series Grasse. Choose between earrings in two different models, one shorter and one longer with three links of the beautiful s-shape.