Pearl jewellery

Who doesn't love pearls? They always feel right both for everyday and for parties. At Edblad, pearl jewellery is available in different sizes, colours and shapes. As a jump start on this autumn's collection, we are proud to launch two new lines with cultured freshwater pearls, Berzelii and Noblesse.

Classic pearls

Among our Classics with pearls, you find Lovisa ring, Lilian studs and the Luna and Perla lines. Perla has cultured freshwater pearls in irregular shapes in creamy white. All Classics with pearls are neat lines with white pearls that stand year after year!

Pearls with colour

To the spring collection, Hello, You! the Atom Pearl was launched. It's available in white but also in grey and our classic pink, Heather. The line consists of pearl earrings, pearl bracelets and charmentity. A line for you who like the classic style with a little twist!