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We at Edblad dream of when we women are no longer in need of our own day, but until then we stand united! For several years now, we have been designing a number of jewellery every year where part of the profit goes to charity. This year, in addition to our Helping Hand project, which will be launched in the autumn of 2021, we will collaborate with Kvinna till Kvinna. It is an organization that works for women's rights, everywhere and every day! For every piece of jewellery sold from the Unite line during the period 25/2-21 to 31/3-21, 10 SEK goes to Kvinna till Kvinna.

One person we at Edblad are inspired by who is also passionate about women's rights is Ida Kjos, the lawyer who a little more than 3 years ago was involved in initiating #medvilkenrätt. In a conversation between Edblad and Ida Kjos, we found out what motivates her and how you and I can contribute to a more equal world, every day.

Hi Ida! Tell us a little about yourself, who are you? Hey! I am the mother of two children and married to my childhood idol, the Olympian Lars Frölander, who today is my biggest supporter. I work as a general counsel at a financial tech company. Also a board member of Svensk Antidoping AB, a columnist at Dagens Juridik and a loud person on Instagram. Have a great inherent belief in my own ability and capacity, and want to be involved and drive change.

What inspired you to become a lawyer? The feeling of doing something significant, but above all my dad who is a lawyer.

Now it has been a little more than 3 years since you initiated # medvilkenrätt, what was it that made you get involved? The knowledge of what it looked like in our industry and the feeling that it was time to dare to raise our voices. My sister Emma Fagervall called me one morning and was upset and upset after reading #silence. We quickly decided to act instead of once again clenching our fists in our pockets and accepting what was. It was probably now. If we could only make everyday life better for a single woman, it would be worth it, we reasoned.

Who are you outside of your professional life? Mother of two children, married to my childhood idol who today is my biggest supporter, Lars Frölander. I am passionate about freedom, courage, health and exercise. As a person, I am fearless, sometimes too loud, driven and curious. I love spending time with my family and am constantly looking for the perfect balance between work, non-profit commitment and time with family.

Which gender equality issue is most relevant to you right now? Unfortunately, there are too many questions. From oppression of honour, and sexual harassment to women's equal right to education and care. One issue that is close to me is representation of positions of power in society. Female ownership is vanishingly low compared to men's. Ownership is synonymous with power and the ability to change society. Women have the right to a place and are needed in the rooms where power is distributed. In senior management positions, as company leaders and on our company boards.

If we at Edblad got what we wanted, it would not need a women's day, but until then we need to stick together. What do you think about it? What do we need to do together for that day to come? Women's Day is about recognizing women's struggle for equal rights and the inequality that prevails in society. I sincerely hope that the sisterhood will never end. Carrying each other and holding each other around the back is and will hopefully always be something we strive for. In my opinion, it is not us women who need to work better together in order for us to achieve equality. What is required is instead that those with the power to change the patriarchal structures actually change. It's mainly men. It is also required that the norms that exist today around women and men change.

During the period 25/2 - 31/3, we donate SEK 10 for each Unite piece sold to the organization Kvinna till Kvinna. We know that you have done a lot for women's rights, do you want to tell us more about how you do to support your fellow sisters in everyday life? By raising your voice and not being afraid to create a bad mood. By taking my place in the boardrooms, at work, in the public space and in my relationships. Through my choices, I hope to inspire other women to reflect on their choices. I also try to lift other women, let others take their place and not stand in the way.

If you could send a greeting to future generations of decision makers, what would you say? Dare to believe that your voice is important. That you have the ability to make a difference. And never forget what the first female judge in the US Supreme Court said: "Women belong in all places where decisions are made". Nothing could be truer than that!

Help us to help

By buying the jewellery Unite, you donate SEK 10 to Kvinna till Kvinna's work. The promotion is valid between 25 / 2-21 to 31 / 3-21 on Edblad.com and in all our own stores. Do you want to help more than that? Perfect! Click here to become a monthly donor!

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