Wedding - a dream come true

To get married is a dream that many have. Whether the wedding is followed by a large party with many guests or more small-scale, the jewellery for days A and O. The wedding jewellery are memories for life and something you will be reminded of when you wear them at later times in life. If you choose timeless jewellery in a smaller variety, you will be able to wear them for everyday and other celebrations throughout life.

Here we have collected jewellery from Edblad's various jewellery collections that suit the bride as well as bridesmaids, or maybe something to wish for as a morning gift. The lines Glow, Crown and Letters are picked from our Classics while Noblesse and Karla are news from autumn collection, 'Lights on You'.

The wedding day is really your day and the day when you should shine extra. If you like sparkling jewellery and want to complement your look with jewellery that lights up. The lines from our classics, Thassos and Glow with clear cubic zirconia great options. Diana, which is also available with clear or coloured stones, has just the right amount of bling and is available in lovely autumn colours such as light wintergreen and plum. If you want to max out with sparkling stones, there is also Limelight which has several.

If you are instead a pearl person, we have several lines with both cultured freshwater pearls and synthetic pearls. The very latest additions to our pearl jewellery are Noblesse. The lines' necklaces and bracelets combine cultured freshwater pearls with pearls in steel or matt gold at the jewellery mounts. A nice design detail that comes into its own for the bride with a hair set as the necklace's fortress looks beautiful.

Letter jewellery as a morning gift

A nice and personal morning gift is to combine a letter necklace from our Letter line or our letter charms in Charmentity with a necklace from the series Love. Or do you prefer love as a symbol? Then lovingly combine with a necklace with a heart such as Pure Heart necklace. All to show love to the person you share it with!

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