Size Guide


Our ring sizes range from XXS to XXL. There are two ways that you can easily find out your size to find the right size for you. Either by measuring diameter of a ring or by measuring the circumference of your finger.

Remember that the ring size can vary during the day and the best time to measure your size is usually in the morning, when your fingers have not yet gotten warm.


The easiest way is to measure an existing ring that you have at home and that fits well. Measure the diameter of the ring in the inner dimensions where it is at its widest. Use a a slider, tape measure or a ruler. Round up to the ring size that best suits our table.

Example: A ring that I wear often and am comfortable with measures 18.3 mm. In order to be as good as my new Edbladring, I will therefore buy a size L.


You can also measure the circumference of your finger to find out which ring size fits best. Then take a piece of string and wrap around your finger. Cut off the string when it is wound one turn. Then measure how far the string is. Round up to the ring size that best suits our table.

Example: After wrapping a string around the fingers I cut off the string where it has been twisted a full turn, I now have a piece of string. The string measures 51.2 mm and in order to be comfortable with my new Edbladring I will therefore buy a size S.


Our necklaces range in lengths from 38 cm up to 90 cm. In the picture you can see approximately how long the necklaces are in lengths 38, 40, 42, 45, 50, 60, 80, 85 and 90 cm. Most of our necklaces also come with an extension chain of 3 cm.

Also, keep in mind that the experience of a necklace length varies depending on the person wearing the chain. To further increase flexibility, you can supplement with any of our extension chains.