Helping Hand

Helping Hand is Edblad's way of helping. Each year we design a piece of jewelry to benefit a selected organization, with a portion of the sales from the jewelry going directly to that organization. We also have standing collaborations with organizations that we support for a longer period of time. Since we started the Helping Hand project, with the help of our customers, we have collected just over 2.75 million SEK for various aid organizations!

Kvinna till Kvinna

We are now in the fourth year in a row that we support Kvinna till Kvinna (Woman to Woman), an organization promoting gender equality. The organization works to strengthen women's influence and power, put an end to violence against women and make visible women's struggle for peace and human rights. So far we have collected just over SEK 87,000.


In 2022, we chose to support the children's rights organization Maskrosbarn, which works to make life better for children who have a hard time at home. Around half a million children in Sweden have at least one parent who has an addiction, mental illness or who exposes them to violence. To help children and young people, Maskrosbarn offers, among other things, support talks and activities at their youth farms.

The surplus from the sale of Edblad's specially designed jewelry has helped make Dandelion Children's work possible, so that more children who are having a hard time at home can get help and support from adults. So far we have collected almost SEK 150,000.


We at Edblad are very happy and proud to be able to contribute to the Cancer Foundation's work against breast cancer as a corporate sponsor for the third year in a row (year 2022). To raise awareness and contribute to continuing the fight against breast cancer, we have produced a ring and matching earrings that we sold during the month of October for the benefit of the Cancer Foundation. In total, together with our customers, we collected SEK 30,000, which we donated to the Cancer Foundation in 2022.


Our colorful Rainbow range is specially designed to support the Rainbow Fund and their admirable work. The Rainbow Fund works to ensure that all rainbow people throughout the world have complete human freedoms and democratic rights. We support the Rainbow Fund by donating SEK 20 for each sold piece of jewelry from the Rainbow series to them. Last year we donated SEK 30,000.

Helping Hand through the years

Since we started the Helping Hand project we have, with the help of our customers collected a total of SEK 2.5 million for various aid organisations!

Some of the organisations we have partnered with are Keep Sweden Clean, the Nature Conservation Association, together1heart and Dandelion Children. In 2019, we raised over SEK 160 000 for Roks Aurora Fund, which works to support and help women and their children who have been subjected to violence.

Helping Hand 2020

For the collaboration with Plan International Sweden and the work with Agenda for girls, the necklace 'Believe in her' has been designed. For each necklace sold, SEK 50 goes in full to the Agenda for girls. When you buy the necklace you also know that you are helping out!

"We are very proud to start this collaboration to support girls. As I come from a teacher background, education is an important issue that keeps me warm at heart and something that is also raised in the agenda"

Cathrine Edblad

Educate every girl

During 2020, we have chosen to cooperate with Plan International Sweden. They work from a ten objectives that aims to give girls in the world better opportunities for education, co-determination in society and over themselves and their own bodies. Around the world, girls are discriminated. Fewer girls than boys finish school and more than 30 000 girls are forced into marriage every day.

Education and knowledge are important keys to change and improvement. It is a right that Edblad wants to be supportive of. Of the ten objectives on the Agenda for Girls, Edblad wants to focus on education, which is also Cathrine Edblad's most important topic.