Swedish jewellery from Edblad

Jewellery from Edblad fits all occasions. Here you will find everyday rings, party jewellery, and everyday jewellery in timeless classic designs. Complement a simple outfit with a statement piece, or keep it understated with something small and discreet. Express your personality and enhance your look with sleek, Swedish-designed jewellery. Find your favourites at Edblad.

Affordable steel jewellery for all occasions

An ordinary day at work, a first date, or a celebration? Our jewellery is carefully crafted to be worn on all occasions and for many years. Whether you are looking for a discreet, elegant look or striking statement pieces, our range has the perfect item for you.

Express yourself with unique jewellery

Our jewellery is tailored for the modern woman. Our confident Scandinavian designs offer affordable steel jewellery that enhances your look on any day. Whether your preference lies in warm gold, pure steel, or rose gold. You'll find our jewellery is as tasteful as it is affordable and durable. Made to be worn every day and to wear with love.

Jewellery online from the design studio in Stockholm

The self-assured woman is our focus, and we are here for you – with classic steel jewellery, sustainably made with ethical consideration. All in durable materials that last through the years. All creations are made in our design studio in Stockholm. From the beginning, the motivation behind our jewellery design has been to create pieces that are not just accessories, but lifelong companions. These pieces are crafted to consistently enhance your personal style and ensure you feel elegant and fashionable.

Jewellery in gold or steel?

Are you drawn to gold or silver? Jewellery from Edblad is made in stainless steel and comes with different finishes – there's something for all tastes and styles.

Gold shines brightest on warm, golden complexions. Stainless steel is most flattering against cooler skin undertones. Rose gold suits many, especially those with neutral undertones. Each finish has its own charm, with likely one tone that suits you better than the others.

Find the right one for you One way to find out which colour tone suits you best is to try a piece of jewellery in each finish. The piece that stands out the least and harmonises with your skin tone and colours is the right one for you. Such a piece will enhance your natural glow. At Edblad, you will find jewellery that suits women of all ages. Discover durable favourites in our collection today."