Design inspiration

The idea for the autumn collection 2020 came when the design team went through Stockholm one autumn day. The leaves on the trees had begun to change colour, the autumn light had settled on the city's beautiful twenties buildings and the details of the architecture appeared in a new way. A curiosity about an almost forgotten era emerged and the theme for the collection became Swedish Grace.

It was in the 1920s that the term was first coined in Great Britain as a description of a more stylish Swedish variant of Art Déco. The architecture, art and design of the twentieth-century classicism look at both antiquity and the idiom of 18th century, while at the same time entering the functionalist era. Buildings such as Stockholm Concert Hall, Match Palace and Stockholm City Library are built in a typical twenties spirit.

The timeless design often in a down-to-earth colour palette was expressed during the twenties and it is these memories that Edblad interprets in autumn collection, almost 100 years later. We give you a new type of Swedish Grace and all lights are on you.

It was also during the twenties that women in Sweden began to appear more and more. Women artists such as Hilma af Klint, Elsa Gullberg and Estrid Ericson made their breakthroughs during the decade, and in the 1921 parliamentary elections, women had the right to vote for the first time. In the same way that women did in the twenties, we want to encourage them to take a place in today's society and to do so gracefully.

Festive in double sense

This autumn's statement line Soaré is inspired by the distinctive luminaires found in Stockholm's Concert Hall. This ancient building has boasted in the middle of the capital since it was built in the years 1924 - 1926. Ivar Tengbom designed the building which has typical influences of the era such as the timeless tight lines in combination with extraordinary pillars and stucco inspired by ancient Greece. The beautiful luminaires illuminate the festive rooms at some of Sweden's largest events held here, just like the large statement jewellery in our Soaré line.

'We have been inspired by the style era when masters such as Gunnar Asplund, Ivar Tengbom and Carl Malmsten were active. We have followed in their footsteps and discovered the timeless colour scale and the stylish pattern images that are in every little detail' - Cathrine Edblad

The line of contrasts

At the main entrance to the Concert Hall in Stockholm, visitors are greeted by large wooden doors that have a stylish linear expression. On the door there is a kind of pattern where rectangles and squares are linked. This view is the inspiration for this autumn's line Deco . Despite the straight parts that are linked in the lines' jewellery, there is a soft expression. The lines' necklaces and bracelets fall nicely and rounded, thus creating a nice contrast.

It's in the details

Among the collection's lines you will find Clara. There are some associations to our line Laura from 2018, but it was actually a handle on a door to Stockholm City Library that started the design process of the line. When it comes to designing jewellery with inspiration from the architecture of this era, it is the interpretation of details that has formed the basis. Stockholm City Library was built by the architect Gunnar Asplund and inaugurated in 1928.

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