Shop smaller earrings at Edblad. Our collection includes studs with stones, freshwater pearls, and in silver and gold hues.

Stud Earrings

Wear small discreet stud earrings or combine a longer earring with a stud earring. We have studs in gold and silver and with small fine stones. Studs are a discreet piece of jewellery that suit every occasion and style.

A must-have in your jewellery box

Small earrings can actually add more to your outfit than you might think. They become that little extra yet discreet detail that enhances your style and reflects your personality. A stylish motif like a heart, a diamond, or perhaps a crescent moon gives a glimpse of something beautiful, rather than taking focus from your overall look. Studs are an essential item in any jewellery box.

Vary your stud earrings endlessly

One advantage of studs is that they allow for a great deal of variety without looking ostentatious. Combine with a star in one ear and a crescent moon in the other. If you have multiple piercings, you can wear two different studs on the same lobe. Express your identity simply yet elegantly, demonstrating how even small accessories can define your style.

Silver and gold studs in Swedish design

Do you prefer gold studs or silver studs? Our smaller earrings are available in both varieties, smooth or with stones. Our gold studs feature 14K gold plating, while the silver studs are available in stainless steel or genuine sterling silver. These studs easily pair with our other jewellery pieces like necklaces, rings, and bracelets. All in the finest quality and Swedish spirit.

High quality at an attractive price

All Edblad studs are high-quality and allergy-friendly. Always at an attractive price so that everyone can afford to feel beautiful every day or at a party. Our jewellery is designed in our Stockholm studio, where our jewellery designers put great energy into aesthetics and craftsmanship. Browse our collection to find the stud earrings that resonate with you or make the perfect gift. We have studs in geometric shapes, with pearls, motifs, and sparkling stones.

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