Gold necklaces

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Gold Necklaces for Women

Our gold necklaces complement our other necklaces for women beautifully. We offer a wide selection of carefully designed necklaces. With us, you'll discover gold necklaces suitable for all occasions, whether it's for everyday wear or a special event. Discover something that complements your personal style, whether it's extravagant or classic. A well-designed gold necklace goes well with various styles.

Swedish-designed Necklaces for Women

At Edblad, you'll find beautifully designed necklaces for women. Many of our collections have been with us for several years and have become enduring favourites that stand the test of time. These exquisite gold necklaces boast both simplicity and high design quality. You'll find gold necklaces for women in the following series:

● Thassos – a simple piece with beautiful stones ● Monaco – elegant with hidden stones ● Lourdes chain – sleek chain ● Luna – pearl with stone ●

Edblad Gold Necklaces

When Edblad began its jewellery journey, Monaco was one of the first series to be released, initially only in stainless steel. The Monaco series has been a part of our collection for over a decade, and now it's also offered in gold-plated steel and rose-plated steel. Our gold necklaces have a 14-carat gold plating. They are fundamentally made of nickel-safe stainless steel. Here you can read more about all our materials."