Gold rings

Gold Rings

Edblad's gold rings come in numerous designs and sizes. This gives you a wide range of possibilities for how you want to wear them. Wear a gold ring as a statement piece on a single finger or wear our genuine gold rings on all the fingers of your hand. Some of our rings have a stackable rail allowing you to create a beautiful ring stack with different gold rings. All our gold rings for women are nickel-free, so you don’t have to worry about allergies or discomfort when wearing them.

## Genuine Gold Rings in the Swedish Spirit As Edblad is a Swedish design company, we also want to create our jewellery and gold rings in the same Scandinavian spirit. All our gold rings have that Scandinavian elegance in simplicity and also express durability and timelessness. You can wear your gold rings for all of life's occasions and add sparkle to every moment. We believe in luxury at a good price, and nothing embodies this more than wearing our affordable gold rings.

All our gold rings come with genuine 14K gold plating. You can easily choose the size that fits you best under each product.

## Combine Gold Rings or Wear Them as They Are Our designers put great emphasis on designing genuine gold rings that also match our other jewellery. Therefore, you can combine a gold ring with, for example, a bangle or a necklace. However, you can just as well wear a single gold ring to lift your style and outfit. Perhaps you're also curious about our range of clothing?

Some of our gold rings have a design where we've mixed gold with steel or silver, while others contain stones for an even more sophisticated look. Find your style or challenge yourself and buy something different, perhaps alternating with stones, slim rings, and various motifs to add both glitter and minimalism. Use your imagination and our beautiful gold rings for women to express yourself and your personality as you wish. We have created our gold rings in the hope of encouraging you to show what a special person you are.